FedEx Franchise

When customers of PostalAnnex+ ship using FedEx franchise owners of PostalAnnex+ are offering America's most recognized carrier for overnight and expedited service. And with an Authorized Ship Center designation from FedEx franchise owners at PostalAnnex+ have access to marketing and operational support from the company as well.

And by offering FedEx franchise owners of PostalAnnex+ are automatically part of a national contract with the carrier, enjoying better discounts than many independent mail and parcel centers. It's just one of the many advantages PostalAnnex+ offers its franchisees.

And don't forget FedEx is just one of the choices you'll be able to offer your customers, something people will appreciate and value more than at competitors who offer just one shipping solution. By giving your customers a choice to ship their package with UPS, the Postal Service or FedEx franchise owners such as you will provide customers with a sense of value, comfort and confidence, knowing they've made the best choice for their shipment.

PostalAnnex+ is a great solution to meeting your dream of owning your own small business, of being an important part of your community, of becoming a packaging and shipping expert for your business and consumer customers. Call us or email us today, and start down the path to independence right now.

Call us or , and start down the path to independence right now.

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